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A Quick Nine With Dustin Johnson

June 14, 2017 Erin, Wis. By Dave Shedloski
Dustin Johnson enjoys being on the water when he is not competing. (USGA/JD Cuban)

QUESTION: What's your favorite thing to do in an off week?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Go on my boat. Fish, cruise around, diving, anything on the water. 

QUESTION: Last movie you saw?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: “Trolls.” It's actually a pretty good movie. I've seen it about 27 times. Hey, I’ve got a young son. 

QUESTION: Superhero you most identify with?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Probably Batman.

QUESTION: Your favorite cartoon as a kid?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Might have to be the Road Runner.  

QUESTION: Favorite food to eat on the road?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  A good piece of fish. 

QUESTION: What's on your iPod music play list?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  It's going to be everything from country to rap. 

QUESTION: Craziest or funniest thing a fan ever said to you? 

DUSTIN JOHNSON: This was mostly just crazy. This guy at Pebble Beach kept telling me he was going to steal my fiancée. He said it, like, twice on 17. And a couple times on 18. And finally on 18 I just turned around and said, “You couldn't afford her.” And everyone in the whole crowd just started dying laughing. He didn't say anything after that.  I was just being honest. 

QUESTION: How many strokes do you give to Wayne [Gretzky] when you play?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Wayne won't play against me. We are always partners. He always says, “I wasn't born yesterday.” 

QUESTION: What's more satisfying, a 330-yard drive or a crucial 10-foot putt?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  A putt, absolutely. A good drive matters, because you've got to get the ball 10 feet from the hole, but making a crucial one is definitely more satisfying.